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Buckman is a privately held, ISO-certified, global specialty chemical company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, US. The company conducts business in over 90 countries, operates out of ten global locations – Memphis, Tennessee; Cadet, Missouri; Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and China – and employs approximately 1700 associates. Core industries are pulp and paper, leather, water treatment and process chemistry. Secondary industries include performance chemicals (paint, coatings, plastics, water formulators, wood treatment, and agriculture).


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Current Employee - Tech Representative says

"Company does not want to live up to its commitments in its employment offer letters to its salaried team members. Be very wary of taking a position with Buckman because they may not be able to be trusted. very disappointing because Buckman used to be the Premier Chemical Company in the industry--the "employer of choice""

Former Employee - Area Representative says

"-disengaged management -Management is dishonest and known to get verbally and emotionally abusive -Sexual harassment, racism, and inappropriate work talk are tolerated behaviors. Management even participates in the conversation from time-to-time -lack of training and the training that is provided is all soft skills that are not helpful -VERY high turnover rate -The work load is extremely unreasonable. If you aren't comfortable working 12-15 hour days as a salaried employee, don't sign a contract"

Former Employee - Marketing/Sales says

""New" Buckman has become an environment of nervous workers, negativity, and back-stabbing others to make yourself look good. Employees are scared, afraid they will be the next loyal ones to be tossed to the curb."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is a mirage, it is really a collection of overgrown small businesses. Poor treatment of employees by middle/lower management is largely ignored by upper management and owner. Cutthroat behavior is highly encouraged."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This used to be a very nice, family-culture company but in the last years this has changed a lot. People are being pushed over their limits, working a lot more hours than is reasonable, with high burn-out and sickness rates as a result."

Current Employee - District Representative says

"Upper management lacks connection to the area reps. Executives focus on 'costs', not on performers."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Currently undergoing a lot of changes to strategy and organizational structure, resulting in growing pains and more turnover than historically normal. Stressful environment. Lot of recent terminations, cutting of workforce. Profits are down."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"unknown future and limited access to resources"

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"Too many programs and way too much in the way of internal documentation. Takes time away from selling."

Current Employee - Manager says

"i don't want to say them now."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Nothing much to say. Things happen for a reason. I needled a change in scenery. However, this was a bad idea. Best of luck to whoever is in the position."

Technicla Sales Representattive (Current Employee) says

"Daily plant visits, checking chemical stock levels. Cons: Travelling a lot"

Vendedor, vendas diretas e indiretas (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente de trabalho ruim,falta de gestão e supervisão cobrança a todo momento,falta de empatia com supervisão."

Gerente Comercial (Former Employee) says

"proprietario dificil"

Area Representative (Former Employee) says

"The environment can be political with a CYA mentality. The customers can turn in to longtime friends, while some can be exceptionally difficult. Just do your best."

worker (Former Employee) says

"...Management is the most dedicated part of the company . Protocols and and safety was always a priority though Staff need to be more closely supervised or most things would fall through the cracks Cons: People"

Vendedor Interno (Former Employee) says

"Uma empresa pra quem só pensa em ganhar dinheiro pois é preciso dedicar um bom tempo da sua vida a ela. Uma boa empresa, paga bem, já tem uma cartela boa de cliente, um bom nome no mercado."

vendedor (Former Employee) says

"as pessoas com quem eu trabalhei foram pessoas incríveis começando pelos gerentes e todos os funcionário,aprendi mais argumentos para vendas,a parte mais difícil foi emprender sobre o produto. a parte mais agradável era quando os conselhos dado faziam efeito mudanças que até hoje fazem a diferença no ambiente de trabalho e na vida pessoal. Cons: cobrar uniformes sendo que nos mesmos deveríamos arcar com os gastos"

Manàger europe traitement des eaux (Former Employee) says

"Dégradation de l atmosphère aubseinnde l'entreprise."

Gerente (Former Employee) says

"Empresas no segmento de varejo , onde a cultura está ligada à estratégias de vendas , falta parte de treinamento e oportunidades internas. Tem um potencial muito grande de vendas, produto de facial aceitação e premiações que fazem com que o colaborador corra atrás das metas estipuladas Cons: Falta de treinamento e nenhum benefício, somente comissão"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Buckman is a great place to work!"

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"Empresa Tranquila."

Indústria Química Americana (Former Employee) says

"O ambiente era colaborativo na parte operacional, empresa com tratativas de diversas exceções, por tratar de mercados diferentes, proporcionava ao funcionário ser multitarefas e de trabalhar em processo e em equipe. Cons: não ter plano de desenvolvimento"

Chemical Engineer and Sales Representative Intern (Former Employee) says

"Employees were fine to work with, but upper management tended to be difficult to get in contact with. Working with expense accounts was also always an issue."

GERENTE DE VENDAS (Former Employee) says

"Todas empresas por onde passei nuca tive problemas pessoais, nem profissionais, por sempre trabalhar com o varejo sempre recebi propostas de empregos que algumas deram certo e outras nem tanto, é claro que nem toda empresa ela é 100% ótima e tem seus padrões positivos que podem servir de exemplo ,como também existem pontos negativos que servem para ser analisados e melhorados.Por toda empresa que passei sempre busquei absolver o melhor delas e o que não concordava era discutido e colocado num plano de ação tanto com a supervisão quanto a equipe. Cons: Por trabalhar praticamente 13 anos no varejo, especificamente em shoppings acredito nem seja tanto o problema, mas o que mais pesa é abrir mão de finais de semana e feriados onde podemos esta junto a familia."

Technologie Manager Packaging EMEA & Rusland (Former Employee) says

"Een typische werkdag bestaat niet in deze functie bij Buckman, door de uitgestrektheid van het werkgebied (EMEA) is mijn werkplek iedere dag weer ergens anders met andere collega's. Cons: Zeer Amerikaans, soms amateuristisch, privé werk balans."

Estagiária (Former Employee) says

"Funcionários possuem boa relação com outros setores da empresa."

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